Our Customers Love Us


“In a year I have lost 25 pounds.. bought a dozen glittering gowns.. danced & sung more songs then I can remember, laughed uncontrollably (while dancing), felt like a princess (more than once) and entered my first EVER competition in December.”


“A huge side benefit is that it is helping me control my type 2 diabetes. 2 hours of dancing and I saw my glucose test drop 80 points. Students and teachers are welcoming and not at all judgy.”


“From the moment I walked into the Arthur Murray Glendale Montrose studio, I felt an immediate sense of warmth, happiness, professionalism and excellence. Dancing at Arthur Murray is pure joy, and there’s no where else I’d rather be! It is thanks to this beautiful studio that I’ve met my weight loss goals, and have gained a new hobby and dance family. Walk in, and dance out today!”


“At first, I was not sure how a virtual lesson would work. But I am very glad I did! Since the “social distancing” policy (I really hate that term now) has continued, I was willing to try. It was difficult at first, dancing without a partner, but I could immediately see the benefits. The virtual lessons teach me details and break down each step much more than is possible in a studio lesson. Katie has answered questions I didn’t know I had. Katie is a wonderful instructor and makes each lesson enjoyable.”


Ballroom dance has always been fun for me from the time my dad danced with me on his toes. My husband and I wanted to do some dance lessons together, but now live in an area that is far from a Ballroom Dance Studio and with COVID restrictions in place we thought we’d give virtual lessons a try. We decided on the Glendale-Montrose Arthur Murray studio, where I knew one of the owners and, boy, we were delighted with the experience! The instructor was very astute with her observations and her instructions and demonstrations were clear to understand even over Zoom. We made good progress and even participated in a pre-recorded virtual dance recital! I highly recommend VIRTUAL dance lessons for fun and improvement of your dancing skills at Glendale-Montrose Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Say hi to Katie for me! “


“I’ve called the Arthur Murray Glendale-Montrose studio my home for the last 3 years. It’s the happiest place on Earth! When the safer-at-home state orders took effect this past March 2020, Katie and Erick began offering virtual lessons, and I could not be more grateful. Virtual lessons have enabled me to continue to progress with my dancing from the safety of my home. Erick and Katie have adapted to this virtual platform so proficiently and seamlessly that my dancing has greatly improved! I’ve been able to test into the next level of my dance education, and I’ve even competed in 2 virtual dance competitions! Seeing Erick and Katie every week virtually has brought me so much joy and has been a necessary escape during these challenging times. It’s also the best way to exercise! Now more than ever, it’s critical to find ways to de-stress, to stay strong and active and to have fun, and I cannot recommend virtual lessons highly enough! “